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Nicholas & Scottie


The Story

It all began on January 12th, 2015 aboard the Norwegian Sky on a cruise through the Bahamas.  Nicholas was on board with his friend journeying from Connecticut, while Scottie was on board with a group of friends visiting from Rhode Island.  This was the first time either of them had been on a cruise, and they had never met prior.

Ironically, it was Nicholas who was a bit more on the snobby side.  From the first evening on the cruise as he waltzing by with his friend, beer in hand and on the way to the casino - Scottie mentioned to his friends "Oooh, look at these young boys - this could be some fun!"  Sadly his gaze and attempts at conversation were thwarted for the time being.  

One breezy dark evening while walking the top deck with Maryam, Scottie spotted an empty jacuzzi at the front end of the ship.  As Maryam and Scottie scurried back to their cabins to change into some bathers - Nicholas and his friend apparently had the same idea. When Scottie returned, he noticed these young gay boys basking in the bubbles and decided that he was going to join them! Thankfully, Nicholas had already decided that he was not giving up his seat in the hot tub and we all began chatting (and playing footsies beneath the Caribbean sky. 

One thing led to another... which lead to something involving Bacardi 151... and that's how these two boys met.

As fate would have it, after years of friendship, provocative text messaging and lots of laughs - the two began to get closer and their friendship evolved into something more intimate. 

The relationship began to become something stronger during the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak when Scottie was trapped aboard a cruise ship somewhere off the coast of Thailand and Cambodia. The experience was overwhelming, so much so that the confident and proud Scottie that everyone was used to was nearly brought to his knees. Upon returning home to the states, a massive weight of anxiety and dread began to break down his mental state. The charming and sensitive Nicholas comforted and supported Scottie in a way that he had never experienced. The typical "stay on your own side of the bed" norm slowly became a situation of gentle cuddles and hand holding. 

Nicholas has since evolved his career by elevating himself to the general manager of a specialty novelty retailer. After finally giving in to Scottie's pleas of selling the Rhode Island home and relocating to Cape Cod, things have been magical. Both Nicholas and Scottie have made adjustments in their careers to adapt to the changes forced upon them by overzealous politicians and complications of the current pandemic. Scottie is still the acting manager of the West End Salon and a spa therapist at Beyond Beauty Hyannis, rental coordinator for the Tea House of the August Moon. 

Today Scottie & Nicholas still reside in their humble apartment in Hyannis, MA as they continue to rise in their careers and prepare to take the next step of eventually purchasing a home together.

The final decision to "pop the question" came after many discussions of the future and a spontaneous day trip that had them walking by a jewelry store and rings so beautiful that the words just came out. 




June 19th 2022

Hammond Castle
80 Hesperus Ave
Gloucester, MA 01930


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