Spa Services:


Classic Swedish

Manipulation of the superficial layers  of the body's muscles to improve mental and physical health.

25 Minute:  $75

50 Minute:  $130

80 Minute:  $175


The addition of aromatherapies to  increase relaxation, energy, and even focus.

25 Minute:  $75

50 Minute:  $130

80 Minute:  $175

Deep Polar Regulation

This modality incorporates the use of  deep penetrating heated oils and biofreeze pain relief gel.

25 Minute:  $80

50 Minute:  $150

80 Minute:  $195

Hot Stone

A technique using heated stones to relax and massage sore muscles to melt away tension.

50 Minute:  $150

80 Minute:  $195

Body Wrap  $130
Cocoon your body in a blend of either natural marine muds or seaweed for the ultimate detoxification and hydration.  The results are unparalleled.  Shed excess toxins and dead skin for a whole new you.
Body Scrub  $130
A sea salt exfoliation treatment that leaves the skin soft and refreshed.
Both men and women are embracing the tradition of hygenic nail care.  The natural nail can be enhanced with a fresh clean look, a buff & shine, or lengthened and styled to your imaginations limits.
Classic Manicure: $35
Classic Pedicure: $50
Spa Manicure: $50
Spa Pedicure: $65
*Add French Tips: $10
Enhance your look with the new trend to tint your brows and lashes for a popping look!
Eyelashes: $35
Eyebrows: $35
Eyelashes & Eyebrows: $60




Classic Facial  $110

Consists of a cleansing of the skin, a light exfoliation, and a brilliance masque.

Deep Cleansing  $130

Consists of an elaborate cleansing of the skin, exfoliation of clogged pores, and a cleansing masque.

Collagen Protein  $140

Harness the restorative properties to maintain precious natural oils.

24K Gold   $155

Harness the power of pure 24K Gold to brighten and enhance for the ultimate anti-aging effect.

Acupressure  $75

This facial massage treatment triggers acupressure points in the face that help tighten and firm the skin.



Whether you are looking for a casual flawless image or a hott night on the town, enhancing your natural beauty is the way to go.  Providing individual assessment, training, and events such as weddings.



1/2 Arm $32

Full arm $45

Underarm $32

Bikini $45

Lower Leg $34

Upper Leg $42

Whole Leg $76

Eyebrows $24

Lip $15

Chin $15

Full Face $32

Neck/Nape $20

Chest $52

Chest and Stomach $78

½ Back $42

Full Back $78

Bottom $55

Spray Tanning


Achieve a natural looking golden tan in just a few minutes.  No need to harm your body with poisonous UV rays from the sun.  Using Sun F/X and Norvell tanning solutions you'll experience a tan that will last a week to 10 days.


Classic Solution:  $49

One Hour Solution:  $75