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What I Do..

In today's modern world, you've got to wear a lot of hats.  I have been the general manager of the West End Salon & Spa in Provincetown since 2010 where I provide spa services such as massage, aesthetics and manicuring.
I am also the owner of Passport Voyages Travel Agency, specializing in all forms of travel, including: cruises, resort packages, tours, safaris, etc. I spend much of my time researching new places to visit and finding the best deals for my clients to see as much of the world as possible. 


Lincoln Technical Institute (2007)
     Therapeutic Massage & Spa Treatments
American Massage Therapy Association
     Professional Member (since 2007)
     Insurance Reimbursement & Massage Therapy
     Self-Care for Massage Therapists: Body Mechanics

     Thriving in the age of COVID-19 Panel
     Trends in the Massage Professional Panel
     The Ethics of Information
     Resolving Conflict in your Massage Office
     Turn Your Passion for Teaching into Student Success
     Teaching Pathology that is Research Informed

     Ethical Dilemmas Fully Exposed
     Essential Elements of Career Services Panel

La Baron Hairdressing Academy (2012)

     Manicuring Arts & Sciences

The Travel Institute (2015)
    Certified Travel Agent

Jupiter Beauty Academy (2018)


Skindipity Advanced Aesthetics Laser Institute (2022)
     Advanced Aesthetics, Dermaplaning, and Microneedling

Academia de Belleza (2024)
     Hydra Gloss Lip Enhancements

International Massage Therapy Research Conference (2024)
     Anxiety Disorders and Massage Therapy
      Addressing the Opioid Epidemic with Massage Therapy
      Arthritis & Massage Therapy
      Breast Cancer & Massage Therapy

      Massage Therapy for Breast Cancer Patients
      Health & Wellness: The Role of Integrative Therapies
      Low Back Pain & Massage
      Hospital-Based Massage Therapy: Improving Quality of Life for Patients
      The Latest Science on Muscles & Massage
I am also employed as the rental coordinator of Tea House of the August Moon, a small Asian-themed apartment located in Provincetown, MA.  The home is available for nightly rentals throughout the year and weekly rentals throughout the busy summer season. 
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